Cop wounds wife with knife!

By Anita Nembhard
Free Lance Reporter

Special Constable, Juan Moralez appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Monday, February 2, charged with wounding his wife, Betzabe Moralez. The incident is said to have occurred on Sunday, February 1, 2015 at their home in the Belama area of Belize City.

According to Betzabe’s police report, made on Sunday, the couple had a domestic spat on January 25, 2015. During that incident, she claims he slapped her. Then On January 30, 2015, five days later, he put her out of their house. On Febraury 1, 2015, Mrs. Moralez visited the Belama Police Station on Chetumal Street to get assistance from the police to enter her home to retrieve her clothing.

When they arrived, her husband was at home. He reportedly left the house and spoke with the two officers who had accompanied her. She took the opportunity to enter the house and started gathering her belongings. While she was inside, her husband entered their bedroom and stood in the doorway, preventing her from leaving the room. According to Mrs. Moralez, her husband told her that that she was not going anywhere. When she told him that she was leaving because they were having too many problems in their relationship, she claims he told her: “If you are not going to be with me, then you will not be with anyone else.”

Mrs. Moralez claims her husband then put his hand into his pocket and approached her as if he was going to punch her, so she put up her left hand to block the punch and noticed he had a knife in his right hand. During the struggle he cut her on her lower left arm.

According to Mrs. Moralez, when she began to scream out the two police officers who had escorted her to the house came to her aid. Mrs. Moralez says she fears her husband and has requested court action.
Moralez pleaded not guilty to the charge and was offered bail in the sum of $1,000 plus one surety of the same amount, which he was able to meet.
Juan Moralez is due back in court on March 2, 2015.

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