Conflicting police reports over Castro brothers’ involvement in assault

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The Belize Police Department released conflicting information this week, regarding the possible involvement of Transport Minister Edmond Castro’s sons Wasani and Jafari in a brutal case of aggravated assault.
On Wednesday, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, who at the time was attached to the Police Public Relations Department, released information that the Castro brothers were wanted by police for questioning for the August 6th assault on 21-year-old Kevin Brown.

On Thursday, the department followed up by stating that the Castro’s were not being sought; that there was no report made against them, and that the information Inspector Yearwood released was wrong.
The department also revealed that Yearwood has since been transferred from the Public Relations Department.

“Police officers are transferable,” Public Relations Officer, Rafael Martinez said without any further explanation as to Yearwood’s seemingly abrupt transfer. It has since been reported, however, that Yearwood is on holiday and was the one who had requested the transfer from the Police Press Department.

Minister Edmond Castro also told the media earlier this week that the report was inaccurate because one of his sons was not even in the country when the incident occurred but refused to answer further questions about his other son.

What is known is that Kevin Brown was near the Banana Beach Resort in San Pedro, socializing with a group of friends on August 6, when a fight broke out. During the fight, which reportedly started over a bracelet, someone from that group kicked Brown numerous times, all over his body. His attackers then bashed him in the head with a fire extinguisher, knocking him unconscious.

Given the severity of his injuries, Brown had to be airlifted to Belize City for medical treatment. Reports say that he had slipped into a coma after treatment. There have been no updates regarding his condition since the intial report.

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