Conch Shell Bay grandma charged for public gambling

By Anita Flowers
Free Lance Reporter

Gambling is what the police claim five Conch Shell Bay area residents were doing when they found them with a deck of cards on a slab.

Three females, including a 64-year-old grandmother and three males, were at the corner of West Collect Canal and Conch Shell Bay area when police detained them.
All five appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart, where they were all read a single charge of gambling or “assemble to gamble.”

Initially, all pleaded guilty to the offence, including Quinn Arnold but after the facts were read in court she protested saying, “I nuh agree with it because dah nuh such it happen.”

As such, Arnold was offered bail in the sum of $300.00 plus two sureties of the same amount. Arnold met bail, and the case was adjourned until September 4, 2014. The other four persons maintained their guilty plea and were fined $100 plus a $5.00 cost of court fee, which they were ordered to pay by August 31, 2014, or face two months imprisonment in default.

The charge is a rare and unusual, but does exist on the law books.
Those charged were 25-year-old Quinn Melinda Arnold, a domestic; 42-year-old labourer, Jermaine Hyde; and 64-year-old Marie Trapp.

Jeffery Jacob Craig, 31, a car dealer of Vernon Street and Joseph Flowers, 42, a Fisherman of Croton Lane, were also charged.

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