COLA to GOB: boycott ICJ referendum process

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) has called on Belizeans to boycott the International Court of Justice referendum process, in view of Guatemala’s move to print new passports with a map depicting Belize as a disputed territory.

COLA made the announcement via a press release on Wednesday.

“Why is it that Guatemala seems to believe it can force its will on the Belizean people – and, for that matter, the Guatemalan people? That is what it appears to be doing with the decision announced recently to print 4 million new passports with the odious redrawn ‘map’ of Guatemala printed on them.”

The release added that Belize is a sovereign, independent and free, guaranteed by the United Nations and backed by over 200 years of historical occupation and development.

“Does this mean then that Guatemala no longer wants to attend the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – has unilaterally decided, in fact, that what it says, goes?”

“We consider this the end of the ICJ/Special Agreement process and urge Belizeans to boycott any referendum held at any time after October 6, 2013, that is premised on that Special Agreement.”

COLA’s President Geovannie Brackett told The Reporter on Thursday that what Guatemala is doing with its new passport amounts to a disrespect of Belize sovereignty.

“If Guatemala continues with that passport, then Belize should simple not allow anyone using that passport to enter our country,” Brackett said.

COLA went as far as to say that the government should send back every Guatemalan diplomat who uses that passport.

If the “disrespect” continues, we should boycott the upcoming Organization of American States congress that is scheduled to take place in Guatemala City, Bracket offered.

Brackett said that Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington should take the diplomatic offensive and do more internationalization of the dispute with Guatemala, rather than trying to appease the Guatemalans.

That is what the government of Belize should be doing instead of compensating Guatemalan who trespass on Belize lands.

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