COLA calls out Minister Hulse on Penner files

Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) have called out Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse on his statement claiming that he never received a letter with a list of the files taken by Elvin Penner.

COLA refuted Hulse’s claim by citing a portion of the allegedly leaked Auditor General Immigration report now in its possession. According to COLA, page 26 paragraph three of the AG’s report states: “The file containing said letter is said to be with the Director who in turn indicated it was with Minister Hulse.”

COLA went on to state that despite his claim that he never received the letter from Immigration Officer Ady Pacheco, Hulse admitted in his interview to the media on Wednesday that “the letter which was sent to Minister Penner with the file, all of us have seen that. The Police have seen that. The Ministry has seen that. The Auditor-General has seen that letter that said that Minister Penner received those files on that particular day for his perusal.”

“If Penner is the last person to have taken the files, then why has there been no effort made to obtain a warrant to search his house or those of his intimates for evidence of the stolen files?” Cola queried.

COLA added that Senator Hulse is not absolved of blame for what transpired in his Ministry, and said that he should put pressure on the Commissioner of Police to go after Penner on “this most heinous assault on our sovereign democracy.”

During Hulse’s interview with the media he categorically denied ever receiving such a letter and said he was not aware whether or not the file was returned.

COLA also addressed Attorney General Wilfred Elrington’s comments to the media on Wednesday in which he stated that COLA’s private prosecution was a waste of time, a charade and a “delusion of the Belizean people.”

COLA condemned Elrington for his statements by saying “Your Government is responsible for why your ex-colleague has not been brought to justice sooner.”
COLA added that if the government keeps interfering in the process to prosecute Penner then its efforts “would indeed be a waste of time.”

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