Citco corrects grave mistake!

The Belize City Council on Wednesday night rectified what its Public Relations Officer, Kenny Morgan, said was a mistake when it assigned the wrong corpse to the wrong grave for burial a few months ago.

An exhumation occurred at around 11 on Wednesday night, lasting for little less than 2 hours near the southern tip of the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery.

Morgan did not offer the name of the corpse nor whose grave the man, as we understand it, was placed in erroneously, but he said that it is one of a series of errors that the Council is trying to fix after having taken over the handling of the graveyard in January of this year.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Morgan said: “This situation arose because of the fact that haphazard management of the cemetery in years gone by has created some problems with regards to identifying graves.

“The row and numbers that are usually assigned to them and the information reaching the City Council in our records hasn’t been kept in a manner that would allow us to be 100% certain.

“There are times when…mistakes would arise and we do our best to rectify these errors as they come to our attention.”

Morgan has said that there are still some situations that needs to be rectified but he could not ascertain whether correcting the errors in those cases would result in anymore exhumations.

A similar error was discovered back in June of 2011, when a woman was buried in the wrong grave spot for over ten years.

Her son, Hector Cunningham, Jr., told reporters two years ago that for 11 years he had been taking flowers and painting the wrong grave until the City Council, then under the previous UDP administration, corrected that error.

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