CITCO bans big buses from downtown Albert Street

Regular sized buses that are used to offer city-wide shuttles from northside to southside will no longer be allowed to use Albert Street.

City Councillor, Alifah Elrington Hyde explained Wednesday that she has instructed her traffic manager to put up signs that the Council will now enforce the laws relating to all means of transportation within Belize City.

The enforcement will take effect over the next week and Elrington-Hyde explained that the buses will not use Orange Street any more.  Instead, they will now have to go around the Yaborough circular to reach Regent Street.

What this means is that everyone who normally wait for the bus on Albert Street will  have to walk one block further and wait for it on Regent Street or go a little further and catch it at the end of the Albert Street stretch near the Yaborough Cemetery.

City buses are not the only means of public transportation that the Council is targeting.  The famous “dollar vans”, which Elrington-Hyde candidly admitted she would want to altogether disallow from running.  “We’re trying to look at alternatives. One, we have to regulate the dollar taxis; they’re absolutely no regulations with which the dollar taxis abide by because they’re split in the middle of bus and taxis. We have to do some regulations in respect to that and we’re looking at that right now. Secondly, we’re looking at an alternate run for them to run”, said Elrington-Hyde.  But dollar vans will be able to use Albert Street and their drivers will be given notice of the new regulations once they are finalized.

With reference to Belize Transit Services, whose city buses were disallowed from running the road last week, Elrington-Hyde says there is a new agreement which includes a six-month long extension and every city bus operator will now have to abide by the new regulation, which stipulates that all buses will no longer be allowed to measure longer than 27 feet.

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