Canadian film maker stabbed to death

As of press time on Thursday night, two teens from Santa Elena are in the custody of San Ignacio police, being questioned about the the murder of Canadian filmmaker, Matthiew Klinck.

Credible sources from within the department indicate that one of the men in custody is 19-years-old while the other is a 16-year-old boy. No charges have been filed, however, and police are seeking a confession.
The men were detained Wednesday evening, and sources close to the investigation say that the two were seen in Selena near the murder scene on Saturday, the same day Klinck was stabbed to death.

His body was discovered just after 8:00 on Monday night.
The 37-year-old filmmaker was born in Quebec, Canada. He was house-sitting for friends residing in the UK, and had been there since May 2014. Two of Klinck’s friends visited the home on Saturday night, looking for him.
They found the door open, and no sign of him. That’s when they headed back to find caretaker Edwin Paz, who lived with his family about a quarter mile away from Klinck’s house.

“Last night around eight o’clock, his friends came over and they looked for him,” Paz recalled.
“The door was open and the truck was open, so they came here and asked if I could go along with them and bring some light. So I followed them, and I found the body,” a troubled Paz told the Reporter.

Klinck’s decomposing body was lying face-up, 15 feet away from the house. A post-mortem examination conducted on-site determined that he had been stabbed 14 times in the face, neck and upper body with a small blade.
While one apparent motive for the senseless crime seemed to be robbery, police sources say that Klinck’s cameras and film equipment, as well as at least three phones, were still in the home when they checked. But police said late Thursday that they found money, believed to be Klinck’s, at one of the teen’s home. They also said that the 19 year-old was a friend of Klinck’s and went to visit him occasionally.

But while police investigators claim the home appeared to have been ransacked, Paz told the Reporter Klinck would always leave things lying about carelessly while he was working.
Except for his killer or killers, Paz was likely the last person to see Klinck alive. He lives a quarter mile from the filmmaker’s residence, at the entrance of the only road leading there.
He told the Reporter that on Saturday at around 4:00 p.m. the filmmaker drove past and waved, as he always did. Paz explained that he doesn’t go to the home on weekends because that’s when Klinck would be entertaining friends and he wouldn’t want to interrupt.

On Monday night and most of the day Tuesday, Scenes Of Crime personnel and police investigators processed the scene, including Klinck’s vehicle, which was found with its door open when his body was discovered.

Investigating officer Inspector Reymundo Reyes, Deputy Commander of the Cayo Police Formation, remarked: “As part of the investigation we have to process everything that is in the immediate area. Keenly we have to look at the vehicle, we have to look inside the premises and around the premises to see if there is any evidence there which could assist the police in their investigation.”
That investigation is what led to a possible breakthrough in the case, and the detention of two men. While there has been no official comment from police, sources say it is believed that the youths are involved, even if they may not have wielded the knife which ended Klinck’s life.

The case is making headlines in Canada, where Klinck worked as an actor and prolific producer before coming to Belize in 2011. He is best known in Belize for his 2012 production of ‘The Curse of the Xtabai’, and also for his work on Belize’s only soap opera, ‘La Isla Bonita’.
Klinck’s parents arrived in the country on Thursday. A memorial service, in his honor, has been planned for Saturday in the community of Spanish Lookout, near to where their loved one was struck down.

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