Businessman denies rape claim!

By Anita Flowers
Freelance Journalist

Rape charges have been brought against a 65-year-old businessman, Adil Abdullah – a well-known and established bail bondsman of a Reggae Street address in Belize City.
Abdullah, also known as Abdullah Bishop, claims he is innocent and the victim of a shake down.

After spending a night in police custody, Abdullah was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on Thursday, June 19, and was represented by attorney, Ellis Arnold.
Abdullah was granted bail to the tune of $7,000 plus one surety of the same amount.
Abdullah admitted to having a relationship with the young woman but claims he never raped her.

In a formal police report, a 19-year-old woman claimed Bishop raped her after he offered to show her an apartment for rent.

The report claims he called her that Friday and told her he had an apartment for rent located at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway and wanted to show it to her.
She said that she went with him to view the apartment, but instead of turning in at the Mile 8 community, he turned into the road leading to the Homeland Memorial Cemetery, where he raped her.

She claims he placed a gun on the dashboard to intimidate her, before proceding with the act, then ordered her to clean up! He then burned the toilet paper she had used as if to rid himself of evidence.

Upon returning to the city, she recalls, he told her he could buy a pill for her to take so that she would not get pregnant. She said she saw an opportunity to escape soon after and jumped out of his vehicle.

After telling her aunt of the incident, her auntencouraged to report the matter to the police.

Abdullah, however, challenged the young woman’s report, saying that he knew the young lady and related they were in a six-month relationship prior to the alleged rape.
He said the romance soured between them after she asked him to rent a home for her so she could leave her current boyfriend.

Bishop added he had helped her out financially during their relationship but told her he wanted nothing to do with her after she found a boyfriend.

In an attempt to prove his side of the story, Abdullah took journalists to his home, and in the presence of his wife and family, showed a text message he received from her saying, “Give me $400; we could definitely work something out.”

That text was sent on Thursday, June 11, 2014, two days prior to the alleged rape.
Then on the day of the alleged rape he received another message from her saying, “Hi, I am out of credit and using DigiCell’s call me service. Please give me a call at ….”
According to Abdullah, the cell number of the phone used to call and text him belonged to the young woman’s aunt.

Abdullah claims he did not answer the text requesting money right away. And when he ignored her “call me” text, the young woman threatened to make a report against him.
According to him, the young woman said: “I wah mek wah report and mess yuh up.”
He said that that the charge was fabricated against him because he would not give her anymoney.

Abdullah then complained of the embarrassment his wife endured when the police visited their home.

He claims the police visited his home in search of khaki pants and a white shirt. When police did not find these items, they took a few pieces of underwear instead.
Police also impounded his vehicle and his licensed gun.

As for the allegation that he assaulted or threatened her using his gun, Abdullah claims he did no such thing. He knows it is an offense under the law to do so and that it carries an automatic remand period at the Belize Central Prison.

Abdullah concluded his interview by saying he was nowhere near the Mile 8 community that day and that he has two alibi witnesses who have given their statements to police.
Those statements claim he was in Ladyville at the time of the incident.
Abdullah’s next court date is set for August 5, 2014.

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