“Bully beef” ban?

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

The Government of Belize, through the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA), has placed a temporary ban on contaminated corned beef products coming from Brazil, Belize’s main supplier of the “bully beef”.
Belize has taken steps to block affected imports from entering the country and has implemented a quarantine of recently imported corned beef supplies until it is declared safe for public consumption.

On Thursday, BAHA and the Ministry of Health met with major importers of the product to agree on a temporary suspension of import permits from Brazil. All corned beef presently en route to the country will be retained to verify whether they come from approved facilities. Additionally, the bully beef will undergo laboratory analysis by BAHA to determine whether it is good for human consumption.

The release further confirmed that all corned beef held in Belizean warehouses will be quarantined for laboratory analysis, as well as sample testing at retail levels.

These measures were taken after several Caribbean countries recently banned the product, following reports that various Brazilian meat processing facilities were selling rotted beef and poultry.
According to the Ministry, Brazilian federal police were alerted that more than 21 meat processing facilities had illegal and fraudulent sanitary licenses, for which they had paid bribes.

GOB says that corned beef has been verified as the sole product being imported from Brazil. However, the products in country are from none of the known 21 Brazilian facilities selling contaminated corned beef.

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