BTV finds Guatemalan farms on Belizean territory

Picture 3While travelling to the Gracias Adios border marker on Saturday, the Belize Territorial Volunteers found several farms worked by Guatemalans on Belizean territory.

Will Maheia leader, of the BTV and 60 supporters, arrived in Dolores village at around 6:30 a.m. to begin their 10-mile trek.

Their objective was  to clear the bushes along the border line to clearly differentiate between Belizean and Guatemalan territory; however, while walking the trail they discovered that the area was well cut and maintained.

Notably, they found a cornfield, and a cattle ranch operated by Guatemalan nationals within Belizean territory. They also found an African Palm plantation at within the Adjacency Zone.

Maheia told the reporter that in the six-hour tour of the area they could not get much clearing done because of the extensive clearing and farming that was seen at the borderline. Maheia added that the group observed clearly defined roads running from Guatemala to the farms.

The BTV was furnished with an observer from the Organization of American States to ensure that they did not unknowingly venture on the other side of the border.

The observer, Maheia says, not only provided inaccurate readings as to where they were, saying that they were in Guatemala when in fact they were still in Belize; but  he also asked him several times not to proceed any closer to the actual borderline.

The excursion was the BTVs’ second attempt to demarcate the border, and like the first, it ended in a startling revelation that Guatemalans are operating large plots of land inside Belize.

The first was held on March 2, when the BTV ventured to clear from the border at Jalacte village southward when they discovered that the area had already been cleared and worked by Guatemalans.

The BTVs’ next scheduled endeavour is to plant 30 mahogany trees at the designated border markers on April 30, commemorating the signing of the 1859 treaty between Britain and Guatemala, which defined the boundaries of Belize.

The planting of the trees, the BTV says, is symbolic of Belize’s sovereignty over its land.

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