BTL rethinks move to pull plug on Speednet!

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) has agreed not to discontinue the service they provide to Speednet Communications Limited, which Speednet says would have affected about 7,000 of its customers in Toledo.

BTL and Speednet arrived at the agreement in the Supreme Court on Thursday, during a hearing of the injunction application filed by Eamon Courtenay on Speednet’s behalf the day before.
Speednet, which is currently working on its own network in Toledo, says it will be independent of BTL’s service within three months.

Speednet, the parent company of SMART, filed for an injunction to stop BTL after BTL served formal notice that it would end its leasing service in Toledo.

The result would have resulted in some 7,000 SMART customers being left without telephone voice and data access.
Speednet has said that it switched its communication link in Toledo to BTL. It has been receiving the service since July 27th 2014.

The company said that once it secured the service from BTL, the company ended its partnership with its former service provider.
But just five weeks later the company received notice from BTL that the service would be terminated effective November 14th, 2014.
Speednet had informed BTL that its former service provider was unable to assist them and that its own network in Toledo is almost complete. But BTL insisted on pulling the plug.
According to Speednet, the company had also written to the Public Utilities Commission but was told that the PUC was not in a position to intervene in the matter.

The company said this week that its number one concern is the quality of service being offered to its customers and in this case especially those in the Toledo district.

Speednet claimed the move by BTL was an attempt to undermine its services and called it an act of hostility. Speednet said, at the time, that the act would deprive customers in Toledo of communications links during the Christmas and holiday season. It said the proposed action by BTL was unreasonable and that’s why the matter had to be taken to court.

Speednet disclosed that over the past five years the company has invested millions to build its own network, which would allow the company to become fully independent.

Speednet has been successful in other districts but work is still under way in Toledo. The work is expected to be completed within the next few months.

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