Brave security guard killed by robbers

Belize City Police  have detained two men for Thursday morning’s robbery that proved fatal for Three Star Quality Chicken’s 54-year-old security guard, Dennis Anthony Williams.

Shortly before noon,  at least four men attempted to rob the establishment, located on Vernon Street.

Williams was shot in the neck, as he struggled with one of the armed robbers, whose gun  fell to the floor.

According to reports, the robber’s accomplice picked up the gun and shot Williams, who  died inside the store.

After Williams was shot, the would-be robbers tried to escape to their maroon coloured  Mazda getaway car that was parked on  Woods Street, but that attempt failed, because a policeman  in the area fired a shot at them, causing them to run past the car and into a bushy open lot.

According to an  eyewitness, one of the robbers threw his  gun  away, and it landed on the verandah of a house near the corner of Vernon Street and Woods Streets.

He said that he saw  the men circle the area at least two times in their getaway car, before they attempted to rob the business.

Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez said that the robbers did not get any money.

Enid Williams, Dennis Williams’ sister, told reporters that her brother did not deserve to die like that.

“Desho,” as his family calls him, “was a very nice and caring person who did not trouble anyone. We want justice done for his killing”, she said.

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