Body parts found in bag, head missing

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

San Ignacio police are investigating a grizzly murder, in which a yet unidentified woman was dismembered. Police are now hoping to find the body’s missing head to identify the victim.
Residents in Blackman Eddy Village made the first horrific discovery on Tuesday, when a sack filled with dismembered hands and feet were found in the river. A group of boys fishing in the area made the disturbing discovery.

The sack containing the hands and feet was discovered submerged in the river about a quarter mile from the Iguana Creek bridge.
On Wednesday around 8:00 a.m., a search party canvassing the area found a second sack containing a female torso.
A post-mortem examination conducted on the body parts revealed that the unidentified woman was stabbed multiple times to the chest. Police are still looking for the thighs and arms.

Sources indicate that several internal organs were missing from the body as well as portions of skin from the torso area. It is believed that “Jane Doe” was killed over the weekend and her body disposed of in the river.
Efforts to identify the dismembered woman have been fruitless. The only object found with the limbs that could help to identify the woman is a maroon plastic ring found on the left ring finger.

Investigators say that they are canvassing neighboring communities trying to establish an identity for Jane Doe, since no one has been reported missing in the area.

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