Bobbo Youth found dead in Haulover Crk.

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Well-known Belizean musician, Theodore “Bobbo Youth” Parchue, 34, was found dead in the Haulover Creek near the Belcan Bridge early Wednesday morning. A fisherman who had gone out to cast a net made the chilling discovery.

According to Herman Williams, the fisherman who found Parchue, had entered the water to cast his net. As he did so he saw what appeared to be a log. thought But when he started pulling in his net he realized it was a person’s hand. Startled, Williams let go of the net and rar out of the water. He flagged down a police mobile patrol , which he summoned for help.
Parchue was positively identified by police and after his body was retrieved from the river, it was taken to the Belize City Morgue. There were no visible injuries on the body, leading police to rule out foul play as the cause of death.

The rapper, who was talented and charismatic, had fallen on hard times since being released from prison in 2013, and eventually ended up homeless, living under the Belcan Bridge.
He was also an epileptic and it is believed that Parchue suffered a seizure some time during the night and fell into the river where he drowned.
Parchue gained notoriety with his break-out hit, “Protect and Serve”, which featured fellow Belizean artist Ras Indio on the hook.

It was a scathing criticism of police brutality and the people’s perception of the department. It garnered much air-time on local radios. His follow-up, “Love – It Ah Di Ansa”, was a heartfelt plea to the community to end gun-violence and to come together in peace and unity.

The artist showed much promise as his lyrical prowess and fiery on-mic delivery made him a local favorite. Despite his largely untapped potential, he never got the kind of local and financial support to translate into a proper music al career. Eventually, desperation led him to participate in the same kind of crime he so often discouraged.

Parchue was arrested during a burglary in 2006 and given a seven-year sentence. After his release, he never seemed to regain the footing in the music industry he once had. His death has sparked several conversations on the social-media about the support, or rather lack thereof, that Belizean artists receive.

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