Big Tom targetted?

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

There was a dangerous spate of back and forth earlier this week between the mother of two men murdered within 12 days and a former gang associate, who has denied reports that it was he was behind the killing of her two sons. That man is now accusing police of wanting him dead.
Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers, 40, known in the past for his affiliation with the Taylor’s Alley gang, and for being deported from the US after he killed a man in self-defense and later serving time for a gun charge, says he knows nothing about the murders of brothers, Jason and Shaqwaun Almendarez, both killed this month.

Flowers says that since the allegation started to circulate that he was responsible for the two murders, as well as other crimes in the Lake Independence area, he has come under fierce police scrutiny, to the point where he claims he is being harassed and even threatened. According to Flowers, some elements of the Police Department told someone close to him of their intention to kill him. In fact, the tension got so severe that another of Flowers’ friends, a musical artist who goes by the nickname “Cross the Nitro”, issued a public warning to police via a Facebook video on Monday night.

In the video, which has since been removed, the artist said in part: “The man seh outta ih own mouth that he get orders from the higher boss fi set a hit on my general, who is Big Tom, Kenneth Flowers. If unu play with my general, half a Belize deh pahn unu head. Weh di go on with unu, G? Weh unu feel like? Unu feel like unu untouchable? …Bwai, unu have pickni, you know. Watch ya, thing might just happen to unu; things unu nuh even wish wa happen to unu or to unu love ones…Unu want we plant some bombs da unu station?…Just like how unu have gun, gun deh out ya to. Just like how unu have grenade, grenade deh out ya to…”

Flowers sought out the media the next day to clarify a few points. He said that while he did call a few of his friends and asked them to go public, he never told anyone to hurl any threats or to incite violence, and felt the police should let it go.
“I neva seh do it in a wa violent way. But the way how he (Nitro) tek me, he just approach it eena da way. He nuh mean nothing. He nuh have no gun. He da wa youth weh di sell CD,” Flowers said.

But Police Commissioner, Allen Whylie, had zero tolerance for the contents of the video, describing what was said as “alarming”. He said that the police would locate and detain the artist and criminally charge him for inciting violence and causing fear among citizens. He also distanced the officers of the Department from the allegation of planning to kill Flowers.
“I don’t see any sensible police officer – if they would want to do something of that nature – would go and tell the people who basically the gentleman is associated with. Perhaps the stage is being set to claim that if something happens to this so-called “general” that it is the police. But I can tell you that the police is not in that business,” Whylie said.

While “Cross the Nitro” was not the only one who made Facebook videos speaking against the alleged intention by some members of the Police Department of planning to kill Flowers, his was the most hostile. Flowers says the video was a reaction to an evil intent, which leaves him fearful for his life.
“Deh seh the GSU weh pass seh ‘the big man seh you fi dead next.’ Soh weh kinda thing the police di uphold? They want somebody tek the fall for their thing weh deh di do. I nuh di tek no fall because if I fi dead, I want dead fi mek wa change. I nuh want dead because deh want kill me. …Yoh have the police di come everyday and I di get threats everyday and then I done see what deh do to my friends consistently. …People who eena the police (department) nuh suppose to eena the police, because deh act like criminal more than criminals,” Flowers added.

Flowers also refuted the allegation that he was behind any of the Almendarez’ murders, saying that he used to pick up and Jason Almendarez everyday.
“The bredda weh get kill before, every day I would goh and pick up the bredda. Anytime he want goh somewhere, anywhere, da me who goh and pick ah up. So at the end of the day, they are supposed to be my family. …Da just accuse deh di accuse me. I mi done talk to the same young man weh get kill and I talk to ih bredda weh work da the mail place, and I explain to them, and then I nuh know what da the situation with that when he get kill, but I da the one weh get blame fi the murders. I nuh know why I wouldda get blame fi something when I neva deh round.”

“Cross Di Nitro” later that evening handed himself in to police for questioning, accompanied by an attorney.
One resident whose entire family was charged with “possession of a pipe” for an ornament she claims is sold to tourists publicly, and whose son she said police accuses of carrying out Flowers’ plans, also accused the police of harassing her family. Cherry Sutherland told the media on Tuesday that the policemen on patrol intimidate and threaten residents of the area on a daily basis.

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