Another newborn dies at the Northern Regional Hospital

There is another report of alleged inadequate treatment at the Northern Regional Hospital Maternity Ward which has resulted in the death of a newborn infant this past weekend.
The hospital’s Maternity Ward has come under public scrutiny, since a number of medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed by women who have gone there to give birth, but have ended up scarred and traumatized.
So far, at least nine maternity ward patients and their newborn babies have been affected by the hospital’s care. Four of the women have reportedly taken out lawsuits against the hospital.
In the latest tragic news to come out of the hospital’s maternity ward, the infant died and its mother also suffered a severely damaged uterus.
Headi Chable, 26, a resident of San Jose Village, went to deliver her baby at the hospital and was going through induced labor.
According to Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, a drug, oxytoxin, was used to induce Chable’s labor pains.
Dr. Mendez said that from what he has gathered about the case, Chable was overdosed through the IV administering of the drug.
This resulted in her womb bursting and the death of her baby.
The doctors at the hospital had to remove her uterus, Dr. Mendez said. This means that she would not be able to conceive any more children.
In late November, the death was reported of another infant, Baby Harmony, the daughter of Reina Gomez.
Dr. Mendez told The Reporter that the regional manager attempted to blame the nurse, who was on duty when the botched delivery occurred.
The regional manager wrote Jones a letter, in which, she was accused of dereliction of duty. The regional manager accused the nurse of sleeping on the job.
But nurse Jones fired back in a two-page letter, pointing out that it was the doctor on duty who had failed to perform his duty when she had alerted him to Chable’s situation.
Nurse Jones’ letter concluded, saying the baby Harmony might have survived, if action was taken to address her situation.
Chable did not see her baby, because it was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. She was told that the child had difficulty breathing.
Dr. Mendez told The Reporter that the nurses at the Northern Regional Hospital are annoyed because of the letter that has been sent to nurse Jones.

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