Angry father assaults daughter’s accused killer

Christopher Lowe, the father of murdered 13-year-old student Jasmine Lowe, was charged with wounding, after he erupted in a violent rage, hurling an umbrella at his daughter’s accused killer, Bert Vasquez, 28.

The incident occurred when Vasquez was brought to the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, July 19.

Cayo Police  arrest d Lowe despite some resistance from about a  hundred protestors gathered outside the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court.

Hundreds of Cayo residents had braved the scorching sun to register their protest and demand justice for Vasquez’s alleged victim, when he was first arraigned for Jasmine’s murder on June 20.

The officer commanding the Police Cayo formation, Senior Superintendent Chester Williams declined to comment on whether Lowe had been arraigned and granted bail.

San Ignacio police moved swiftly to defuse further tensions, dispersing the protesters in front of the court building; and Vasquez was quickly whisked into the safety of the  building.

Once inside, the bleeding Vasquez complained of dizziness, and a Dr. Ramirez treated his injury.

In court, Vasquez was given full disclosure of four of the 13 charges of common assault brought against him.

He indicated to the court that his attorney is Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson.

Vasquez returns to court on August 8.

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