Allegations swirl around Dr. MarcoTulio Mendez

Rumours of sexual impropriety swirling against Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez reached a new level of importance on Thursday this week, after Orange Walk Police confirmed that they have received a formal complaint against him.
Dr. Mendez is the elected PUP representative in the National Assembly for Orange Walk East.

During the latter part of last year, Dr. Mendez announced that he would not be seeking re-election because of chronic ill health, resulting from an old spinal injury.

He has expressed his intention to stay on to serve out his term as Area Rep.
PUP Leader, Francis Fonseca, responding to questions about Dr. Mendez, told the media that the PUP needs more evidence before deciding what, if anything, to do. Dr. Mendez is a prominent physician in Orange Walk with his own small private hospital.

“The Party has authorized me to take the necessary action that I deem necessary, that I see appropriate, as the facts become available to me and to the party,” Fonseca told reporters this week.

A meeting of the PUP National Executive on Wednesday became necessary after allegations of inappropriate behavior coming from members of his own family took on a life of their own on the social media.

Mendez is currently going through a public divorce with his wife. The couple, have no children of their own, but several adopted daughters. Orange Walk Police on Wednesday told The Reporter that while the Department is aware of the allegations, they had not yet received a formal complaint against Dr. Mendez.
Mendez’s position in the community as a prominent physician and an elected representative of the people places him squarely in the public eye.

“These are allegations against one of our colleagues, so we are concerned about Dr. Mendez and we’re concerned about his family as well. So I’m not going to get ahead of myself at all.

“As information becomes available… if criminal charges are laid against him, we (will) consider that issue and we have the responses that we will make if those things arise,” Fonseca said on Wednesday.

“There is a man’s career at stake, and his family’s welfare that we have to be concerned about…any allegation against a child by anyone in this society…and there is zero tolerance for that! I must say that our party will never, ever countenance anyone who has engaged in that type of behaviour,” Fonseca went on to say.

Dr. Mendez’ position is further complicated because there are political hopefuls in Orange Walk who would welcome a bye-election for the chance to compete for his seat.

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