Ahmad picked up his killer, police say

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

New information emerging from the investigation into the shooting death of Sunni Muslim barber, Fareed Ahmad indicates that he voluntarily picked up his accused killer, WPC Michelle Brown and that they spent several hours together prior to the shooting on Thursday, December 28, 2017.
Minister of Home Affairs with responsibility for the Police, Wilfred Elrington and spokesperson for the Muslim community, Nuri Mohammad shared with the media on Thursday the new revelations and developments. This was after Elrington, CEO in the Ministry, Col. George Lovell, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie and ACP Chester Williams shared those details with the Ahmad family on Thursday.

“There is, in fact, a video of them (Ahmad and Brown) being together for some time, he (ACP Williams)suggested to me, for a number of hours and that there was no indication during that course of time that any other person from any branch of the Police Force was anywhere nearby,” Elrington shared. That video will be provided to the family shortly, CEO Lovell said.
In addition to that, there is also a phone conversation that happened the same night, which Mohammad said happened between Ahmad and his wife, who overheard Ahmad asking another person if they did not want to ride along with him. Assuming that other person is the accused, the relation between them has not yet been established.

Elrington also offered the family the opportunity to bring their own expert investigator into the fore, through the Muslim community’s international leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, whose operation in the United States has the resources to assist in the investigation.
Elrington said that chief investigator into possible administrative wrongdoing, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has indicated that there is still nothing to indicate that any other member of Brown’s Special Assignment Team (SAT) of which she is a part, was involved in the killing.

This concern was raised soon after Ahmad’s killing, when speculation was rife that his shooting death was a sanctioned execution by someone or some organization which had a problem with his family’s Muslim faith.

Elrington said that personnel from the Police Department and the Belize Defence Force go all over the world for training and that he does not know the extent of the training they receive; but that no police officer can act on instructions, other than that given by the CEO or the Commissioner of Police. “No other country can tell us how to act in terms of our police force,” Elrington emphasized. The Senior Minister hastened to say that there are efforts being made at the government level to weed out the undesirable members of the Belize Police Department because they do not comply with the law.

Elrington says he is also willing to have the Department provide the family with adequate surveillance and protection, in light of their announcement last week that at least two of their members had come under threat from members of the Department.

The family also expressed their discontent with the Police Department whose members, in 2016, had picked up some 20 of the family members and detained them for over 12 hours without giving them any explanation for the detention or any calls to contact anyone while in custody. They were released without any one of them being charged. Elrington agreed that their detention was wrong and assured them that he will personally find out the reason for the detention and will provide that information in writing to the family and copy it to relevant members of the Muslim leadership.

Meanwhile, the cellphone records are still being reviewed to determine whether the text messages that were circulated last week, appearing to incriminate two members of the SAT – a conspirator and a purported “hit man” – are genuine or were fabricated, and whether they originated from any of the cell numbers brought into question.

Those messages surfaced last week, and purported to include a plot to kill Ahmad, the role the “boss” played and a “hit list” including other members of the Ahmad family.
The family has also provided Ahmad’s cellphone to the police, but the phone was reportedly returned by a police officer without getting instructions to do so. Elrington requested that the family provide the cellphone once again for proper perusal of its text and call contents.

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