Accused killer says Ramon the son paid to kill his Dad

In a macabre twist to an already horrific murder, one of the men accused of abducting and then killing Ramon Cervantes Sr., stood up in Court on Wednesday and told the Magistrate that the man who hired him to kill Cervantes was right there in the courtroom.

He pointed to Ramon Cervantes Jr., son of the deceased.
Magistrate Merlene Moody cleared the court and allowed the accused to give a statement to back up his allegation.

The Reporter is not privy to the contents of that statement, but we have confirmed that it was struck out by the Magistrate.

Ramon Cervantes Jr., accompanied by his mother, Vilma and sister, Marisa, spoke to the media on Thursday. He gave his version of the events in the courtroom, stating that “she (the Magistrate) questioned him (the accused) and then he fumbled. He couldn’t answer the questions. It was obvious that he had been given lines to say and when the Magistrate started asking him, big holes were poked in his story.”
The Cervantes family claims that the ‘story’ reeks of political fabrication. The three men – Mateo Pott, Noe Avila and Angel Cardenas – have been on remand for the past 16 months. The accusation coming from one of those men two weeks before Cervantes will contest Gaspar Vega in general elections, they say, is baseless.

“We have seen that there has been a groundswell of support for my candidacy in the Orange Walk North division. Lies like this…people will see through these lies. They know these are lies, these are fabrications. They know it is politically motivated because this guy had 16 to 17 months to say something,” Cervantes told the Reporter.

As more proof that the accusation has no substance, Cervantes claims that the preliminary statements given by the three men asserted that he was next on a list of kidnapping victims, after his father. While they have no evidence, the family believes that Cervantes’ opponent managed to make contact with the accused in prison and incentivized him to make the outlandish accusation.

Vilma Cervantes provided support for her only son on Thursday, condemning what the family says is a new political low, “I know this is malice…political malice, and I know Monchi would never do something like that because he and his dad always worked together, they bonded together, they respected one another and as a family we are very close, so he would never do something like that.”

Gaspar Vega, Cervantes’ opponent in the upcoming elections, has denied any knowledge of the accusation made by one of the men accused of the murder. He said that Ramon Cervantes doesn’t really factor into his campaign and he doesn’t operate like that.

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