$314,500 Fantasy Five fraud!

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

A woman tried to become $314,500 richer when she went to collect the Fantasy Five jackpot last Friday by fraudulent means, using the portions of two separate tickets to make them appear as one winning ticket.

Fantasy Five issued a press release this week about the incident in which the company explained how the woman carried out the act.

The woman, according to Fantasy Five, visited the company’s main office and claimed that she had won the jackpot draw of June 7th and handed over the pieces of the two separate tickets.

While one set of numbers appeared to be the winning numbers for that date (01,09,10,11,13), a scan of the two pieces of tickets, the scan of the two pieces showed that not only were they portions of separate tickets, but that they were purchased on different days.

The personit appears, had disingenuously purchased the ticket after the Friday draw with the same winning numbers;then tore both tickets to make them appear, as best as possible to be the same ticket that was simply torn in the middle.

But even without the mechanical scan of the ticket(s), the bare eyes can easily detect a sloppy attempt.

Fantasy Five has since placed the matter in the hands of the police. The company says that customers have fraudulently tried to claim winnings from its draws in the past.

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