22-year-old UB Student Murdered

Suzenne “Purple” Martinez, a second year Medical Laboratory Technician student at the University of Belize, Belmopan campus, was murdered in San Ignacio on Tuesday night.

The 22-year-old, who caught a bus near the lane where she lived on Eighteenth Street, had gone to school and was on her way home.

San Ignacio police are yet to determine whether she was forced into a vehicle or was lured by someone she knew, but one of her classmates reportedly saw her get off the bus in San Ignacio sometime after 7:00 pm.

She never arrived home and her family grew especially concerned when she didn’t report home by midnight, and they made a formal missing person’s report.

Suzenne’s half-nude body was discovered a few hundred yards from her home further up the street.

Her pants had been pulled down to about her knees and her blouse was pulled up.

Jamid Martinez, Suzenne’s brother, told reporters that he was on his way to work around 6:30 Wednesday morning, when his attention was drawn to police officers scouring a spot in some bushes.

When he arrived at the scene, he realized that it was his sister. Jamid said that his sister appeared to have suffered multiple bruises.

San Ignacio Police Chief, Superintendent Ralph Moody, said they did not observe any bruises on the young woman, except for a foot imprint on one of her legs.

The footprint reportedly matched the sole of a shoe that their prime suspect owns.

Police believe that Suzenne’s murderer is the same man who stabbed Robert Lewis to death at his house in Belmopan on Monday.

Police say that when they apprehended him in San Ignacio, he had stashed a number of personal items belonging to Suzenne and Lewis at a relative’s house.

He reportedly has a history of sex offences, the latest for which he just received bail last week and was released.

Police could not say, however, if the killer knew Suzenne, but because he disposed of her body not far from where she lived, they suspect that he knew where she lived.

Suzenne would have graduated from UB next January.

The untimely death of this young woman has infuriated the citizens of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

The San Ignacio /Santa Elena Town Council has, therefore, called for a candlelight vigil on Friday night, after the funeral service, in front of the San Ignacio Police Station.

Some 14 neighbourhood watch groups will participate in the vigil.

“This is unacceptable, and we cannot stay quiet about it,” declared Mr. Marcel Bedran, Chairman of the Cayo Neighbourhood Watch Association.

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