2 Orange Walk boys hurt when their home collapsed

An Orange Walk child is in a critical state, after the wooden house he and his family occupied on Yo Creek Street collapsed shortly after 9:00 this morning, in the Marcus Canul area.

Briton Cordova, 10 and his brother, Jova Griffith, 7, were  playing this morning in their yard as usual,  engrossed over a litter of  newly  born puppies.

The puppies’ mother had carried them under the flooring of the wooden structure, which is roughly about 3 feet off the ground.

The boys, wanting to play with the pups went underneath the house, when suddenly and without warning the wooden structure collapsed. The boys were crushed underneath, as the entire weight of the house came on top of the boys and the pups.

The boys’ mother was inside the building when it collapsed. She could hear the cries of one of her sons beneath the floor.

In no time at all a huge crowd of helpers appeared and began lifting the boards to rescue the children.

Jova, the younger boy, was the first to be pulled from under the rubble. A bicycle parked under the house had saved him from serious injury.

Desperately trying to  locate Briton, volunteers ripped apart the flooring until at last, they saw him; a truck driver volunteered pulled him out.

Briton  laid still as if dead and Jova, badly frightened, was in severe pain. Volunteers also found two dead pups under the wreckage. The other two, escaped unhurt along with their mother.

The boys were  rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, where Briton remained unconscious. He was transported via ambulance to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. His mother accompanied him.

Late reports say Briton remains critical but stable. Jova has been released from the Northern Regional Hospital, where he was treated for bruises on his body trunk and legs.

The father of the boys said that he was aware that the house was weak and could collapse. He   said he longed to repair the house, but he did not have the money to do so.

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