Yes to the ICJ – the people have spoken!

By: Alejandro Vernon

The nation spoke on November 4th, 2015.
Except for Wave TV and two other stations, the entire Belizean media with its radio, TV and newspapers bombarded the UDP and Prime Minister Barrow on Petro Caribe funds, corruption, the Guatemala issue, and management of public funds.

The last month saw the PUP join BTV, COLA and Rise & Shine TV in denouncing the UDP’s performance on Guatemala’s military at the Sarstoon, acusing Foreign Minister Elrington and Prime Minister Barrow of giving in to Guatemala.
Lisa Shoman’s PUP, Will Maheia’s PNP and Territorial Volunteers (BTV),and Audrey Matura – all joined at the Sarstoon. They misunderstood Barrow’s and Elrington’s conciliatory attitude. They even wanted the OAS to denounce Guatemala’s officers’ attitude at Sarstoon island.
Well PM Barrow did the correct thing in restraining Belize’s BDF and Coast Guard from engaging the Guatemalan trespassers in a conflict that would trigger not a victory but casualties.

The Guatemalan issue is to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). PM Barrow is playing by the rules. The ICJ is the judicial arm of the United Nations that got us independence from Great Britain in 1981. Guatemala’s claim has been referred to the ICJ under the UN Charter, to settle border disputes emanating from neighboring independent nations. Belize will win at the ICJ with protection from the UN’s Security Council.

1. The nation spoke on November 4th. COLA’s leader, Giovanni Brackett personally went into Pickstock to campaign against Hon. Elrington and painted the “danger” of voting for him, arguing that Hon. Elrington as Minister of Foreign Affairs had given in to Guatemala. Honorable Elrington won and has been returned to Cabinet as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

2. The nation spoke in Toledo. “Will” Maheia, the super patriot leader of the BNP, Territorial Volunteers (BTV) and Deputy Leader of the new BPP, who is well-funded with a TV station, only got 225 votes in Toledo, where Sarstoon Island is located. He lost his deposit of $200. The citizens of Toledo where BTV, “Will” Maheia and PUP have made all noise against Guatemala did not vote for Maheia. He lost!
3. Finally the UDP won the Elections and its Manifesto was thus accepted by Belizeans.

The PUP having lost, its manifesto was NOT accepted by the people. The PUP under the Honorable Francis Fonseca also made a mistake by inserting “No to the ICJ” on its manifesto as a pre-referendum consultation. By losing, the PUP Manifesto was not accepted and the words “No to the ICJ,” was NOT adhered to.

The UDP won. So we go to official referendum. I say “Yes” to the ICJ!

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