Wole Parks, American actor with Belizean heritage stars in action thriller

There is no Belizean in the United States’ movie industry to have made appearances in mainstream television series or major Hollywood movies.

Young American actor, Wole Parks, though born in New York City,  has direct Belizean heritage through his mother, Belizean retired educator, Lillett Parks-Soberanis, who now resides in Belize. Parks-Soberanis spends some of her time doing community work for the Anglican Diocese.

Parks recently landed a major role in an action thriller, “Premium Rush,” which is based upon the bicycle messenger business in New York City.

The “Speed Merchants,” as a New York Times article once described bicycle messengers, are the life line for many of the city’s business places.

Bicycle messengers are a rugged bunch, whose ability to peddle from one end of the city to the other in a few short minutes, delivering everything imaginable that can be slipped into their specialized bags.

In any kind of weather, they are seen slipping in and out of traffic, crisscrossing and speeding across red lights. Pedestrians love to hate them. Drivers curse them out on a daily basis, but the simple truth is that New York City cannot do without them.

Premium Rush, released by Columbia Pictures last month is a story about a bike messenger who picks up a package and is chased across the city by a dirty cop. The movie is directed by David Koepp, staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Parks plays the role of “Manny,”

Parks has been studiously working at his acting craft, after he completed his formal education at New York University, where he graduated with a double major, earning a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts (BFA) and a B.A. in Mathematics. He graduated in the class of 2004.

Three years after graduating from NYU, Parks joined the cast of CBS soap opera “As the World Turns,” in November 2007, taking on the role of Dallas Griffin. His other television credit includes roles in “Law & Order” and “Conviction.” He also starred in MTV’s anthology series “Undressed.”

In film Parks starred alongside Kevin Bacon in the HBO film “Taking Chance” and with Ricky Gervais in the 2008 “Ghost Town”

Besides acting, Parks is involved in political debate. He is an active member of the group Democracy for NYC (DFNYC) a grassroots organization that was formed by Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.

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