“What has changed?”

The Church has always been here in Belize. Homosexuality too, has always been here. The bedroom has always been the domain of privacy; the unknown and the unknowable.
Unless, of course, those who are in there speak about what was done; either by way of boasting or by way of a police report. The church has always been on the street, in the marketplace; teaching, preaching, counselling; reminding us that what happens anywhere, including in the bedroom, though unknown by man, is known by God. That we must behave and act in line with how God has designed and mandated us is no new message. It must always be if the church is to fulfil its mandate. Nothing new here.
The Church in Belize has never preached hatred of people, for that is counterproductive to why Christ came; but it has always preached hatred for sin for that is exactly why Christ came. Homosexuals in Belize know this message; it is nothing new to them. It also never stopped them from engaging in their acts, it never brought confrontation… until now.
Why is the true church and the homosexual community now at odds? What has changed?
Well, THE FOCUS has changed
You have to be really naive or seriously biased to ignore the fact that there is a worldwide push for the normalization of Homosexuality and the legalization of same sex marriage. LGBT believe that it is time for Homosexuality to be seen as normal. It’s time to come out of the bedroom and wear your sexual labels on the street. For this to happen, people’s views of what is normal sexual behavior must first change. The best way to do that is through an intellectual process, and for that to occur there must be new evidence, new research, new surveys, new experts and new educational campaigns. When people make academic decisions they feel good about themselves as rational beings and take ownership of their decision. It is academically, intellectually, even financially rewarding to now see homosexuality as normal. Intellectuals are under pressure to conform.
THE NATURE Has Changed
Where intellectual stimulation fails there is the appeal to emotion. Many in the church still do not know what has hit them. How could it be that ordinary Christian folk who have been known as peaceful now find themselves at the top of the hate list? It’s the appeal to emotion. You see, we hate bullies. We hate those who promote violence. We despise those who take advantage of the helpless. But how will LGBT be seen as disadvantaged?
Well, some of the prominent LGBT must fade into the background; Professors, CEO’s, Politicians, Journalists, Ministers (governmental and religious) must become invisible… for now, and the HIV, struggling and abused LGBT must take center stage. They must be the story. Forget about the unemployed, the poor, the sick, the needy, the orphan, the marginalized, the indigent, the indigenous; make way for the most despised, abused, and neglected LGBT community.
THE STRATEGY has Changed
If Homosexuality is seen as a behavior, there will always be the argument about choice. If it is seen as sin, it will always be met with disapproval from the moral majority. This is how “Sexual orientation” terminology appeared! It signifies an inherent, unchanging, predisposition. It can’t be a behavior if you are born this way! And if it is something unchanging, then it needed to be protected as human right! Its not a sexual revolution… its more a sexual evolution! At this change, the church became “out of step” with the times. You see, as a behaviour, the church could offer grace, and love, and tolerance. But to label it an unchangeable Human right, or a “God made me that way” scenario, that is unpalatable for any true believer. Homosexuality to LGBT is not at all a behaviour, it is the person himself. So now when you say it is a “sin” you are being intolerant to the person himself. And intolerance is HATE. And hate should be a crime! Brilliant. You see, there is NO excuse for Human right violations! NONE; not even religious belief is a formidable excuse to deny one a right. Double Brilliant!
THE AGENDA has changed.
The church is the greatest obstacle to sexual freedom, because those who commit to the gospel become convinced beyond Intellectual or emotional manipulation; they do it by belief; “God says.”
So the church must be directly confronted. Ignore their calls for nonviolence, and instead, label what they say as HATE. Label them and their message as the cause of EVERY act of violence against LGBT. No act is to be perceived as random or accidental… every act must be placed as blame at the foot of the greatest obstacle to sexual freedom; the church.
It is in their best interest to deny that the church has always operated from a position of love. They must deny and ignore every call of the church for nonviolence. The church must be seen as the CAUSE of the violence. Their aim is not tolerance, the aim is not silence, the aim is the Church’s endorsement. Where acceptance of the new normal fails, there must be new legislation for those who refuse to change.
What has also changed is the Money behind the agenda. Hundreds of thousands of dollars become immediately available to cash strapped NGO that will add the words “stigma and discrimination” “tolerance” anti-bullying” to their financial proposals. The money has brought new players to the table; that too has changed. Just a cursory look at the Facebook posts and you see that the Anti-God, Anti-bible, Anti-Church, – Anti-Christ personalities are here with a vengeance.
But what has NOT changed? The church and its message cannot change! Sin is sin, Jesus is the solution. The church also continues to publicly condemn every act of violence by any actors for any reason whatsoever! The church continues to protect the innocent minds and bodies in its care. The church continues to teach and warn about all sin, including homosexuality. It encourages its people to live and voice their values. But if to preach that “Homosexuality is a sin” is now labelled as “hate speech”, that it incites “Hatred and mobilizes mass violence”, and that the church is now a “Hate institution and a Human Rights Violator, then what is the church to do? CHANGE to suit the times? I think not! Thank God for leaders who understand the Church’s mandate.

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