We need a Counter Revolution

The world human rights agenda is hypocritical. Since 1973 when Roe Vs Wade legalized abortion in the USA, hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable human beings – unborn babies, have been brutally murdered with the consent of their own mothers.

There has been a whisper of objection by the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. But every whimper by the Caleb Orosco’s of the world have elicited the spending of millions of dollars to defend their bogus rights.

It is high time that the callous hypocrisy of the world agenda be exposed. This is not easy. The persons who should be speaking out, who attend the international human rights conferences, have been silent.

It is truly amazing how the greatest revolution  in world history, the propagation of the rights of man, has been subverted by the power of money and politics.

When the Universal Declaration of Human rights was promulgated on the 8th December, 1948, there was rejoicing throughout the Western World.

This happened three years after the nations of the West were led by America to conquer the most barbarous regime ever organized during man’s whole history. Nazi Germany brutally, viciously, mercilessly carried out a policy of exterminating millions of human beings.

If you read the Declaration, you will immediately see that there is no use of the words “Creator”, or “Supreme Being” in its Preamble. This was a concession made to the atheistic framers of the document by the Western Allies, all of whose leaders were confirmed atheists.

In Belize, the Human Rights Commission has latched unto these two words “inherent” and “endowment” to seek to establish credibility for the homosexual agenda. These two words are meaningless if you do not believe in a Supreme Being who creates and endows.

Belize must begin a counter-revolution to re-educate the world concerning true rights.

How can the Human Rights Commission throughout the world look you in the eye and proclaim that the death penalty is cruel and inhumane treatment, while at the same time approve the wanton, wholesale slaying of hundreds of millions of the most innocent and vulnerable of our species — the unborn human babies of the womb!

How can any sincere, thoughtful person express support for the whimpers of gay people but keep absolutely silent about the destruction of a whole generation of human beings all over the word!

How can they remain silent as they witness the senseless killing of our people? Has it never struck them that their support for the lifting of the death penalty has been the principal cause of the escalation of murder  and crime in general?

Doesn’t the Human Rights Commission see that the propagation of another agenda — no “corporal punishment-” will increase the level of crime in Belize?

Has its own experience not shown that a little sting with  a belt never did anybody any harm?

Don’t they see that the “no corporal punishment agenda” is based on a bogus understanding of human nature?

Sure, we would wish that human nature were perfect. Since it is not, “no corporal punishment” is not the answer to laziness, indiscipline and the lack of manners, courtesy and civility.

This is why the Holy Bible teaches what common sense confirms: Spare the rod, and spoil the child!

The abolishing of the death penalty should have made us  a gentler, more humane, more civilized people.

Has it done that?

Belize needs to start a counter revolution right now! It should start with rejecting the so-called homosexual rights.

If you read the Belize Constitution, there are two unforgettable ideas that will impress you right away.

1. All of us have rights, but we also have duties and responsibilities.

2. No right is absolute! Each is limited by the rights of others, the law and morality.

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