Time to move on

After a brief break it’s good to be back. Relationships that do not work always end in breakups and the time has come for the administration of the UDP to move on. This administration has lost the faith of the people and has failed the nation as a whole.

In just three short weeks since I last wrote an article, there has been Rio Azul, Mark King’s inside view of how the party feels about its citizens, nurses transfers and a fetus under a bed at KHMH. Just when we think things cannot get worse, it does.

I fail to see what this administration is doing to tackle the real issues that are affecting the nation such as unemployment and a growing increase in violent crime. The administration seems to be focused on mass corruption and basically filling their pockets just in case they are not in office for another term. The growing feeling from the citizenry is that the UDP have morphed into the same people they promised not to become. It’s difficult to see why they continue to cling to office, when it has become brutally clear that the people no longer want them in office. The right thing for this administration to do is to call an early election so that the people can remove them from office and a new mandate for the nation can be set.

While there are those who continue to cling to some type of false hope that things will somehow change and get better, the plain facts are that it will only get worse. Expect more scandals, more corruption, more nepotism, more violence and more hardship on the Belizean people. The UDP will bleed this country dry if we allow them to before they leave office. The next administration that comes into power will have the herculean task of rebuilding the nation finances, social structures, investor confidence and our general standing in the international community.

Whether the PUP who seem poised to be the next government are up to this task is yet to be seen. The PUP’s like the UDP’s, have a record of mismanagement and this time around might be no different, but at this point anything is better than what we have right now.

The next party that comes into power must come with a concrete plan and their top priority must be to improve the life of the average Belizean. The party cannot come with a focus of enriching and empowering those who already have. Good paying jobs must be the top priority because people basic needs cannot be fulfilled on an empty stomach. The next government cannot come in with a selfish entitlement agenda and destroy what little is left of the Belizean economy.

The nation has suffered long and hard from years and years of mismanagement and some type of relief has to come either by the ballot or by some other acceptable means. Belizeans deserve a higher and better standard of living and only then will conditions change for the nation overall.
It’s all about the people!

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