French photographer captures Belize’s beauty

Marie-France Grenouillet visited Belize recently and captured the country’s diverse wildlife with her camera. Take a journey through her photographer’s eye and see Belize’s jungles like you’ve never seen them before!

In Marie-France’s Own Words:

My impression of Belize – so small and so “generous” … I had the chance to go to Belize last February. I must say that for those who love birds, the underwater world, local authentic villages and, of course, Maya sites, don’t hesitate to visit this small country.

Among the best places I visited, I was very impressed by the Cockscomb Basin, not far from Placencia. I loved this place so much that I went 3 times! It is a wildlife sanctuary, with many trails through lush vegetation, full of birds like the “Hooded Orioles”, Woodpeckers and Raptors like “White Hawks”. Not to be missed in this park is a small pond, well hidden under the trees, but easy to find. There, sitting on the nearby branches only a few meters away, I saw a group of Boat-Billed Herons peacefully looking around without any fear or stress. It was incredible; it was the first time in my life that I was able to approach these strange birds, which normally escape at the first noise. Don’ t miss this hidden pond!

Another superb place is Black Rock Lodge Trails and Grounds. It is the perfect place to see Keel-Billed Toucans, Emerald Toucanets, the beloved “Collared Aracari” and many other birds. The scenery is marvellous; it is near a ravine in which the river is running, surrounded by greenery.

I would like to speak of many other places, like “La Milpa” in Orange Walk, but it would be too long. Better yet, you should go and discover Belize for yourself!

I must also say a few words about Belize’s underwater world. I had no time to see the most famous islands for diving. I was only able to visit some nearby islands in front of Hopkins Village, like South Water Caye. The weather was windy with some sparse rains. However, in spite of that, the underwater landscape was extraordinarily beautiful and the water clear. The reef was not very deep; I was only snorkelling but could take pictures of the many fishes among the living corals, including a big ray in the sand.

About the Photographer:

Born in Normandy, I am French and spent my childhood in a village with one dream: to discover the world. With time my dream came true as I had the opportunity to travel to nearby countries to learn languages. I must confess, that it was more useful to travel in this context than for anything else! From that moment, all my free time and all my money went towards living my passion!

Now, I can say I have gone nearly all over the world. However, my website is not representative of the many countries that I have visited before the digital camera age.

For freedom, I never travel with groups, unless compulsory. After many years of wandering, I am still drunk off the perfumes, colors and images of remote countries. However, the memories get blurred with time and the reality turns to be, in part, the fruit of our imagination!

So, with the birth of the digital age, I chose a more sophisticated camera to come with me on the road. I now felt happy that I had the world in my bag.

Photography means a lot of patience and time which I accepted with pleasure. My camera taught me how to look around more carefully to observe the daily beautiful details of life. Overall “she” allows me to translate my emotions in front of nature & wildlife!

Pictures show what words cannot translate precisely and help us to keep an authentic memory of the past. They are a faithful witness when the souvenirs become with time just a sepia memory!

Taken from: My Belize experience.com.

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