By: Mike Rudon Jr.


It’s the strangest thing. I’m sitting here on a Monday morning and from what I’ve been able to gather the weekend was murder free in the city.

I’m not kidding. Hard to believe right? There’s no news flash on Facebook; no gossiping and sharing the latest gory details; no weeping and moaning or gnashing of teeth as we shake our collective heads at the state of affairs in the city and reminisce about the days when the only murders to report would be after drunken bar fights over some much-in-demand babe. 

Bizarre!       !

So why  the peace , which  has become rarer than sightings of a politician with a heart? Have our security forces so intimidated the criminals that our streets are safe once again?

Have increased patrols sent the roaches scurrying for cover? Has government’s crime-fighting initiative suddenly become effective? Have gangs found God?

Have the scum decided that it is time to put down the guns and share the love? I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking NO to all of the above.

My theory is that the sudden quiet is being caused by that li’l thing called FEAR.         .!

See, I don’t think the members of the gangs in Belize are big on either brains or brawn. For a long time now they’ve been allowed to pretend that they run things. For a long time now they’ve been allowed to get away with mad, crazy stuff. It doesn’t take the heart of a lion to ride up on somebody and fill him with lead. It doesn’t even take any particular skill. Anybody can do it.!

Just put the right factors in place and I could do it. You could too!

These mongrels were allowed to hang out at the top of the food chain for too long. But things just changed in a hurry. There’s a new top dog, and not only is he bigger, badder, colder and meaner than anything on the streets right now, but he has that super-hero thing going. He’s invisible!

Any fool can hold a gun and pull a trigger. But it takes real guts to sit down with four men and carve them up like last month’s Christmas turkey… to rip out their throats and shove cold steel into their bodies over and over and over again. And then just disappear. Poof…gone!

Whoever did that is a sick puppy! And all those fools who thought they were invulnerable are running scared. Fear is a powerful weapon, and fear of the unknown is the most powerful weapon of all.

The Message

I’m pretty much okay with the message that was sent. And you know what? If the gangs don’t stop, I’d be okay with another message too. And another, until it’s all done. Maybe that comes across as cold, but it’s real. For a long time now we’ve been begging and pleading and crying for something, anything to happen, to make our streets safer. The message was unorthodox and brutal.

Did it work? Well only time will tell, but it’s been pretty damned quiet in the city since those murders.

I’m a little upset that some people including some in the media have been turning on the GSU before and after the murders. You don’t send a French poodle in a pink tutu to subdue a pack of wild dogs. Did the GSU butcher those four guys? I don’t know. But I’m guessing the gangs sure  think they did! And that works too.


You know what else really gets to me? A lot of these guys in gangs are thugs and criminals who think nothing about riding up to somebody and filling him with lead or of firing indiscriminately into a home where innocent children are sleeping.

Yet whenever they are gunned down they become miraculously transformed into decent, god-fearing paragons of virtue who spent their lives walking little old ladies across the street and trying to find a cure for cancer.

Seriously! And the media just can’t wait to ask family members grieving the loss of their innocent, about those sweet, cherubic street thugs !             .

The million dollar question is – do you want justice? Invariably they demand justice with tears streaming down their faces. It’s lost on them that in very many of these cases, justice has already been served with the death of that twisted soul, who likely spilled more than his share of blood.

No, they don’t want justice. They want revenge! That’s a totally different thing!

Did I mention it’s Monday and my li’l city is quiet and peaceful? I love it! Then again, this could just be the proverbial calm before the storm and life could get shaken up again in a hushed second.

We’ll see ..!

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