Bain Bells the Cat

By Louis Wade

When Hitler decided that Jews were less than human and that his Arian race was the superior one, his Scientists who disagreed disappeared. Scientific Data collected through research and experimentation had to be interpreted through his warped social construct or scientists had to face the consequences.

Countless research were secretly discarded because they did not fit the new Society Hitler was building. Results were skewed, data re-interpreted to create the desired outcome. His totalitarianism sought to control everything in Germany, but it could never control a clear conscience. Over time, truth won out.

HIV and Aids is not acquired through discrimination; it is acquired through risky behaviour. The riskier the behaviour the higher the exposure. That is the science.

The social agenda, however, has at its core, not the elimination of HIV and Aids, but the elimination of stigma and discrimination against HIV, and by extension, LGBT. And not through change of behaviour of those most at risk, but by all of society changing to accept that risky behaviour as normal.

This acceptance, according to the social pundits, will drive HIV rates down! Problem is, the science is missing. The data is not saying that; all over the world heterosexual HIV rates are stabilizing and even declining, but homosexual communities continue to face sharp rises in infections, even in countries that have decriminalized the behaviour more than 50 years ago!

The scientific data does not match the desired social outcome and someone must bell the cat.
Few in the Caribbean have the Academic and Experiential distinction in the field fighting HIV and AIDS as does Jamaica’s Professor, Dr Brendon Bain. Dr. Bain was the head of the Community Health and Psychiatry Department at the University of West Indies. Until his dismissal this past Tuesday, 20th May, 2014, he was Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Initiative.

Bain has headed CHART from its inception and even after retiring from UWI in 2013, he was given a two-year post-retirement contract to continue. Dr Bain, you see, is a pioneer in clinical infectious disease practice in the Caribbean and a leading medical authority on the HIV epidemic in the region.

He has been honoured twice by the Jamaican National Aids Committee and in 2006, Professor Bain was recognized by the Medical Association of Jamaica for his distinguished service in Medicine.

Since 1983, he has provided clinical care to men and women living with HIV and AIDS, accepting patients of all sexual persuasions, regardless of their reported sexual practices. A man like this is normally honoured in the halls of academia, the corridors of power, and in the hospital wards. But unfortunately, not in a world where a new social agenda has become more important than truth.

Maybe they believed that their Accolades, Awards and Honorary Distinctions would keep him in check. They knew he was a Christian; a Man of God, a teller of truth, a beller of cats… Their 30 pieces of silver were supposed to silence him, but his DUTY, his professional experience, his integrity, could not keep him quiet. Truth is such, to those with conscience. And so, despite ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’ advising him otherwise, he submitted an Affidavit to the Belize Supreme Court in the Case of Caleb Orosco vs Attorney General of Belize.

And he spoke Truth. “Together with promoting individual responsibility, it is clear that environments that enable individuals to make and practice safe and healthy choices must be provided at family, community and governmental levels.”

“There are instances in which private behaviour results in considerable public cost due to illness, with accompanying loss of productivity and social disruption and the prospect of premature death. The public cost of these private behaviours must be acknowledged and actively reckoned with.”

The adverse physical and physiological consequences of STIs (including HIV) in MSM create significant and avoidable financial costs to individuals, households and governments.

These important considerations must be included when considering whether to give public approval to risky behaviours such as are often practised by MSM (Men who have sex with men)”
A sincere, accurate and scientifically sound affidavit from the region’s foremost expert, in a case that has regional significance. And instead of countering these scientific facts, UNIBAM and its 34 regional counterparts rebutted, but not with science. With emotion, vitriol and discriminatory retribution in what can only be seen as witness tampering.
UNIBAM has resorted to the tactics that gangsters use in Belize to pervert justice and in turn yield a low conviction rate. Witness tampering. Some criminals intimidate or threaten their witnesses in the hope that the pressure will force the witness to disappear or retract his statements so that the case will fall apart. Before our very eyes these groups are actively damaging the reputation of Dr Bain, discrediting the work upon which he so proudly stands, and pulling the carpet from under his feet, hoping that he and other professionals will never again bear witness in a Court of law; and if they do, they must sing from the prepared song sheet.

Suppose if gay rights activists were targeted the same way they targeted Doctor Bain? Suppose if we fought and agitated for them to lose their jobs? For them to get fired regardless of their professional training and years of experience and service? Would that not be discrimination? Or would our actions be exonerated by a lukewarm response that we simply “lost the confidence and support of a significant sector of the community” as the University of the West Indies stated?
No! Unacceptable! We see it for what it is. It is discrimination in the new regime where right is wrong and wrong is right.

Thank you Professor Bain, for belling the cat. I hope Belize recognizes the price you have paid for speaking truth to protect her children; She owes you a debt of gratitude.

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