Happy New Year

All over the world at this time people are making plans to welcome the new year.

It is a practice of universal appeal. We have no trouble at all letting go of the old year, and we wait up beyond midnight, counting down the inexorable seconds to greet the new year with enthusiasm, trusting that it will bring us success in the areas where we have not done as well as we expected the year before.

But deep down inside we know that the new year has no power to confer favours, or to make life more comfortable for us. The days, the weeks and the months of this new year are but an extension of the year that has gone before.

For us who are alive however, the time is precious, and will provide us with an opportunity to live and love and work, to do useful things for ourselves and for others.
It’s going to be up to us to make our own success by applying our energy and best judgement to situations good and bad when they confront
Let us then resolve to use our energy and good judgement to meet the challenges of this new year – twenty eighteen – with our feet firmly planted in reality and our hearts set on what is right and just and of good repute.
The Management and Staff of the Reporter take this opportunity to say thank you to our readers and advertisers for their loyalty and support.
We wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.

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