Election results in Belize this week were unprecedented and impressive, giving the UDP a third 5-year term.
But two of the brightest stars in the UDP firmament, Dr. Carla Barnett and City Mayor Darrel Bradley were brought low, Barnett by PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, who won by 428 votes in the Freetown Division and Bradley by newcomer Karim Musa in Caribbean Shores, who won by 56 votes.

The People’s United Party, believed by many to be “on the ropes” proved to be astonishingly resilient, taking two seats away from the UDP in Belize City by winning four of the ten divisions.

The PUP also took away one seat from the UDP in Toledo, the seat occupied by Eden Martinez, winning both seats in the Maya heartland.But it struggled to retain three in the north – one in Corozal South and two in Orange Walk. PUP also won two seats in Cayo, and one in Stann Creek for a grand total of twelve.
In the Belize Rural constituencies the UDP gained ground by upsetting Dolores Balderams Garcia, winning all three seats in Belize Rural, and in Cayo the UDP brought home also three of its four candidates.

In Orange Walk the UDP’s Elodio Aragon and Gaspar Vega forced back the blue tide, assuring the UDP two of the four available seats. In Corozal the UDP’s Pablo Marin, Hugo Patt and Dr. Angel Campos swept three of the four seats.
In Cayo Dr. Omar Figueroa,Erwin Contreras and Rene Montejo held on to their seats, leaving Julius Espat as the only PUP left standing.

Overall results show the UDP still dominant in Belize City with six seats – nine when you include the three rurals, dominant in Cayo with three of four seats, and dominant in Corozal, with three of four seats. The UDP also took the single Belmopan seat and two of the four in Orange Walk for a grand total of 19 seats, compared to twelve won by the PUP.

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