News of the arrest of seven senior officials of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and of four others accused of paying bribes to FIFA in return for favourable broadcast rights have not only rocked the world of sports.

The news has shocked law enforcement authorities of many nations to sit up and take note.

The arrests in Zurich were carried out by Swiss police, but hours later, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago issued an arrest warrant for Trinidad-born Jack Warner, member of the FIFA Executive Committee since 1983 and CONCACAF President since 1990 until 2011, when he was forced out.

As members of an international organization of immense power and prestige in the international world of sports, these men, seated in their posh Zurich FIFA headquarters, never dreamed that the long arm of the law could reach out and snatch them in neutral Switzerland.

Consternation must have been the dominant emotion in the minds of many in Britain, across Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia at this blow against white collar crime, originating from one brave and remarkable woman, Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the United States.

But there we have it! In one fell swoop, she has attacked and exposed an international cartel, which in her words, operated with impunity “over and over, year after year, tournament after tournament”.

Her action has forced FIFA to suspend 11 people, including two vice presidents, Jeffery Webb of the Cayman Islands and Eugenio Figueredo of Uruguay from all soccer-related activities.

There is sure to be more fall-out in the days and weeks ahead!

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