After so much has been said about the  contaminating effect of  chemically engineered grain, it has been shocking to learn that GMO soybean seeds have not only been smuggled into Belize, but actually planted by Mennonite farmers of Orange Walk.

This is civil disobedience at its worst!

The only justification a farmer has for planting GMO grain is that it yields a bigger harvest. So we know that greed plays an important role when farmers choose to disregard the law which seeks to preserve agricultural health in Belize.

We have been acutely disappointed with BAHA, the Belize Agricultural Health Association, the authority which discovered the perfidy and seized the chemically engineered hybrids.

BAHA announced the bust, but carefully avoided how much seed had been confiscated, or exactly where (on whose farm(s) they found the seeds.

Not only was BAHA deliberately vague, but it failed to report that some of these seeds had already been planted.

Bringing GMO soybeans to Belize and planting is like releasing a couple of lion fish into a fishpond pond. The lionfish will thrive, but the local species of fish with be eliminated with time.

Is this what these so-called progressive farmers want for Belize?

We are not only disappointed with the Belize Agricultural Health Association. We are also critical of the Minister of Agriculture, who is responsible for the health of agriculture in Belize.

In the face of this brazen abuse of deliberately propagating GMO soybean in Orange Walk, the  Minister of Agriculture has been as quiet as a mouse.

Is our Prime Minister going to defend  him also like he defended the Minister of Health for not vigorously  saying or doing something about the death of the thirteen preemies at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital?

Ministers of Government in Belize enjoy great prestige and privilege. They, more than anybody else, must be held to a higher standard.

The Government’s slim majority in the House of Representatives must not be a reason for cuddling ministers who don’t measure up.

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