Parents have a right to protect their children and to shield them from harmful influences. This is an over-riding right which is greater than the right of an individual with a deviant lifestyle who simply wants to be accepted by the community and by the law.

We are all aware that there are people in our  community who want to legalize marijuana, or as they put it, decriminalize it.

But if the law makes is easy or easier for people to obtain and use marijuana, the  allure of this mind-altering drug, already strong in our country, will spread and infect a lot more people. Some will be able to resist the lure of marijuana, but many will become  trapped and  addicted.

We see the evidence of this even now, when we take note of the growing number of deadbeats and beggars on our streets. Most are people who threw their young lives away on marijuana, and have now fallen on hand times!

There are people in our community who want to make it easier for gays and lesbians to mingle freely in the society, or as they put it, decriminalize same-sex activity.

But if the law makes it easy, or easier for gay men and  women to proceed with whatever they want to do, a lot of our young  impressionable kids could be seduced by the sexual novelty of the thing, and will not see the dark underbelly of sodomy until it is too late.

It is natural for parents to want to protect their children from bad habits, bad example and from people of a deviant lifestyle . Every Mom, every Dad wants to see his/ her  son or daughter grow up to be well adjusted and happily married. Most parents want grandchildren to add to the family clan.

If a boy or a girl  should choose a deviant  lifestyle, his parents may not reject him or her, but inwardly they will grieve for the opportunity they have lost – the chance to have grandchildren  and to see them grow up.

Opposition to gay rights among well adjusted men and women springs from a  deep natural desire to protect and strengthen the family. Our  family is the quintessential unit of our society It is our immune system, our DNA.

When the  immune system of a nation is strong and healthy, the nation prospers. When the immune system  becomes weak and diseased, the nation falters and falls victim to every virus and bacteria it comes in contact with.

Gay rights are not among the body of rights recognized by our Belize  Constitution. The law condemning homosexual  activity  may be harsh, but it is not unconstitutional.

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