It’s not just our imagination! The gangs in Belize are getting bolder, targeting their victims at will, and operating with sullen impunity.

Belizeans have been relying on the police to curb this rush of violence, but the Police Department has been overwhelmed by the number and variety of stealth crimes, especially stealth killings.,
In an earlier editorial we pointed to what we perceived as the radicalization of a substantial proportion of the male adult population, which no longer relies on the police for results and no longer believes in the integrity of the Belize justice system.

Our Belize justice system allows accused persons to be imprisoned for years before bringing them to trial. This is something which is distinctly undemocratic. In the United States, a person accused of a crime has to be brought to trial within 90 days. It is the court which decides whether a person should be imprisoned for a longer period, not the police and certainly not the Director of Public Prosecutions.

There is the growing conviction that the investigative and prosecution arms of the justice system need to be strengthened to bring about a more timely flow of cases to the courts.
But that is not all that needs to be done. We need a judicial process that will put away assassins and paid killers with dispatch and for longer periods of time so that they and others will understand that murder is not a game. It is the most serious of crimes!

We believe that it is time for the Government of Belize to set up an independent commission of inquiry using experts from abroad to analyze the Belize crime situation and to make recommendations for effective action which must be taken.

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