Spare the rod and spoil the child! The phrase come from a 17th century poet, Samuel Butler of England, but the inspiration undoubtedly comes from the Book of Proverbs, which instructs parents that “He that spares his rod hates his son: but he that loves him chastenes him.

The “rod” of correction implies different forms of discipline to different generations over the years, but in essence it means exercising discipline in the interest of good behaviour.
The courts exercise discipline over people who break the law, and parents exercise discipline over their children to teach them good and wholesome habits.

We believe that this is what our Minister of Police, Mr. Sedi Elrington was referring to in the House this week,when he said he would prefer to leave politics rather than associate and negotiate with gangs.
The gangs are like undisciplined children! But the things they do, such as killing people and terrorizing others, put them in the class of murderers and plunderers, who are the destroyers of our society.
Gang members decide that they don’t want to be part of our peaceful, law-abiding society, but they want to be respected and consulted because they are voters.

They must be told that they cannot have it both ways. We thank Minister Elrington for telling them so.
Gang members are not the only ones trapped in a cycle of poverty and unemployment. Many illustrious men and women in Belize were also born in poverty from single moms. But they worked hard to come out of it, and they persevered.
Gang people work diligently to defend their turf, but they end up losing not only turf, but their lives as well. It is not a good choice!
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Welcome President Peña Nieto

It gave the people of Belize great pleasure and satisfaction to welcome President Piña Nieto of Mexico to Belize. He was here this week to attend a summit meeting of CARICOM Leaders to talk about Mexico’s new relationship with CARICOM, which got its impetus earlier this year with the signing of the Mexico-Caricom Cooperation Agreement.

Mexico has agreed to a wide range of cooperation measures with the Caribbean bloc covering technical and trade development including investments.
The area of singular interest for Belize is of course the Partial Scope Agreement which will allow Belize to deepen its trade with Mexico. Trade is the life-blood of every nation, and Belize is in a position to offer grain – rice and corn, beans, meat and shrimp to start with.
Joint ventures which will allow Belize to produce consumables under franchise for the Caricom market, like soap, cooking oil and pasteurized milk, are also matters of growing interest.

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