Two decisions the Barrow Government
took last week show a welcome adjustment of focus. The first is the decision to put a brake on pending pro-marijuana legislation until GOB has had a chance to hear what church leaders have to say about the move to de-criminalize the use of small quantities of cannabis sativa.
This move to decriminalize is overwhelmingly popular among 40 (or more) percent of the population, many of whom are users of marijuana as a recreational and medicinal drug.

Leaders of the government perhaps feel that there is no longer any point in holding the line against marijuana. There are just too many
people in Belize – men and women – who love the stuff. They will continue to buy and sell and use marijuana no matter what the prohibition law says, or how often some are sent to jail.

Adult men and women have the option to do as they please with their bodies. But do children have that same option?

Here at this newspaper we have come across boys as young as 13 buying and smoking marijuana. They have no trouble at all buying the drug from street vendors who operate outside the law and have no qualms at all about selling weed to children.

Is this a widespread practice? We don’t honestly know. But it is the duty of those in government to find out! We know that the drug is habit-forming. We know that it is mind-boggling. We know that it destroys the communication pathways of the brain in young people.

If there are no firewalls to protect young people from the mind-blowing effects of marijuana, we can realistically expect to see many young addicts on our streets and in our homes.

The process has already begun. The street violence we see today is only a foretaste of what we are going to see tomorrow if we fail in our obligation to protect our children.

If our law-makers are not super-careful in the steps they take, they will help to create a generation of drug addicted zombies for Belize.
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We were also gratified this week to see the government acknowledge that the Feinstein project for a deep water port for Belize City is a sound and sensible proposition which deserves our support.

By creating a causeway linking several small islands to the mainland, Belize will not only get a port nestled in protected deep water. The country will also get a bonanza of island real estate properties for homes and resorts which will help to grow our tourist industry.

Add to this the hundreds of construction jobs which the project will generate, and the permanent jobs which will follow.

The Government’s role now is to make sure that the planning and engineering work is sound; that the project is adequately funded and properly executed.

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