This week Belize had the satisfaction of hearing from the Inter American Investment Corporation, which came to tell us that it wants to help us to expand the private sector.

The Inter American Investment Corporation, a member of the Inter American Development Bank, is committed to the development of Latin America and the Caribbean through the private sector.

As part of its mission the IIC supports the private sector and state-owned enterprises through loans and equity investments.

The loans however are for big amounts, usually for large enterprises which already have a track record for success. At its meeting this week with the business sector, IIC GeneralManager James Scrivenmade it clear that the Corporation is interested in projects of one or more million, and it hopes to invest up to $50 million a year here in Belize.

Big projects in agriculture and tourism, mining and port development are the kind of development the Corporation wants to become involved with.

Clearly the IIC is not for the average Belize businessman, but industries like telecommunications and renewable energy, port development, mining and highway construction should find a ready partner in the Inter American Development Corporation. .

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