We just spent seven days celebrating Police Week, and we are pretty confident that the men and women who responded with so much enthusiasm and goodwill all have stress in their lives.

Policemen are not the only ones living with stress, and stress cannot be used as an excuse for outrageous behaviour.
If we are to make allowances and lower our standards of performance for policemen under stress, we should be consistent and make allowances for doctors and judges under stress, government ministers and business executives and media editors with deadlines, all of whom lead stressful lives.

Shall we open the prison gates and let in the marijuana? Those poor guys behind bars are really stressed out! And how about those teenage boys in city gangs who have to do what their leaders tell them to do?

They cannot uproot themselves from their neighbourhood. So shall we allow them something to smoke to deal with the stress?

As Belize totters perilously towards the permissive society we begin to understand why it is that politicians and their grown sons are always right and must get preferential treatment; why it is smart to traffic in large amounts of drugs, because big guys don’t go to jail; why it is considered smart to keep a commercial harem of immigrant women, so long as our daughters are not involved!

Why bother with standards, if those in authority are not prepared to uphold them?

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