A report published this week says that the water temperature of the Belize New River at the point where it interacts with the waste distribution system of Belize Sugar Industries Limited has risen by 5 degrees fahrenheit since last year.

Of course, water temperatures vary from day to day, depending on whether the sun is shining and the time of the day or night.
But 5 degrees fahrenheit is a large increase , and it cannot be ignored.
The people of Orange Walk are right in being concerned, and in their decision to call
public attention to this significant development. .
The Belize New River is unlike any other major river system in Belize. It is the slowest flowing river because it has its origins in the flatlands of middle Belize, and is fed by run-off water from the New River Lagoon, which is the largest fresh water lagoon in our country. .
It gathers its waters from historic village landscapes such as Hill Bank, the forgotten settlement of Sierra de Agua, Indian Church, Shipyard, Guinea Grass and Caledonia to form a meander-
ing stream that eventually meets the sea at Corozal Bay.
In the days of yore as in today’s 21st. century the Belize New River has been and contiues to be a vital artery of transportation, trade and cultural exchange for the river communities.

Because of its unique position in the Belizean heartland this river needs some tender loving care. It would not take much to cause congestion that would further slow the flow of water.

We thank the Friends of the New River NGO for alerting the country to changing conditions which are causing the river to heat up. We invite the Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Manuel Herredia and the Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Godwin Hulse to go take a look at what is causing the problem.

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