It appears that slowly but surely law enforcement officials are gaining the upper hand against street crime as more and more resources of manpower and equipment are poured into the fight.

Surveillance cameras are also playing a leading role in documenting street crime, and the police mobile patrols have been invaluable in detecting and tracking down criminal activity.

As more of these surveillance cameras come into service, we expect to see more police success in their battle against crime.

One case in particular, which was concluded in the Magistrate’s Court this week, is deserving of special mention because it shows how devious and malevolent some criminals have become.                         .

It  concerns an American businessman who was accused of owning an unlicensed 9 millimeter pistol and a silencer, both of which were found under the driver’s seat of his vehicle.

An official of the police ballistics team offered to make the evidence go away, and this police officer was himself brought before the court and accused of attempting to tamper with  the evidence  and  subvert the course of justice. The case ended with the conviction of the ballistics officer. He was sentenced to serve two years in jail.

Although the two-year sentence is probably less than the American would have received for a gun & silencer conviction, the fact that the plot was discovered and that justice eventually prevailed  has to be very satisfying from a citizen’s point of view since  a serious miscarriage of justice has been averted.

The people who hatched the plot to plant the gun and silencer are now expected to have their day in court, bringing to full circle this convoluted plot of greed and avarice.                   .

We take our hat off in tribute to the Director of Public Prosecutions, whose steadfastness in this case has helped to unmask not one, but two sinister plots.                     .

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