The murder of a Canadian woman and an American man in Corozal  last week has the potential to severely damage Belize’s tourism image.                    .

We are sure that the Police are doing their best to catch the killer, but they should not hesitate to ask for help if they need it, either from the FBI or from the CMP.

Fifty-two year-old Francesca Matus and 36 year-old Drew Thomas DeVoursney left Scottie’s Place sometime after 2 on the morning of April 25.                   .

Scottie’s seafront place in Corozal Town is a favourite hangout for the growing expatriate community of mostly Canadians and Americans who live “up north” in the peaceful and picturesque area of Consejo by the sea.                       .

Francesca has lived in Consejo for the last four years, working in real estate. Drew Thomas is a relatively new arrival to Consejo. He struck up a friendship with Francesca less than a year ago, and the two hit it off, despite their difference in age.

Drew McEwan, the Scotsman who runs Scottie’s Place, recalled that Francesca and Drew were well  liked   in the expat community.                 .

But on Tuesday night, April 25 someone with evil intentions attacked Francesca and Drew after they left Scottie’s. The killer overpowered the two, bound their hands with duck tape, and killed them by strangling them.                   .

At two o’clock in the morning the two would have been expected to head home for Consejo Shores, especially since Francesca intended to fly out the following day.

But her abandoned SUV was found half a dozen miles away in the opposite direction, deep in a canefield near ParaísoVillage. There were no bodies near the car, and it is believed the lovers were killed in or near Chan Chen Village. It was on a feeder road near Chan Chen that the police found  the two bodies, one day later.

Francesca and Drew may have been drugged, or they may have been zapped with a stun gun to render them un-

conscious.  After they were suffocated the killer drove Francesca’s SUV deep into a canefield in Chan Chen, and in all likelihood came out on foot since there are no tiremarks leading out of the canefield.

The abandoned SUV will no doubt be of great interest to the police as well as the duck tape that bound the hands of the victims. Killers always leave behind small clues which can lead to big results. The police may need special  forensic help to identify and interpret these clues.                .

There is a pressing need for police to track down and find this brutal killer. It would be a great satisfaction to show that this crime did not have a Belizean origin. It would also go a long way to show that Corozal is still the expat haven that we think it is.




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