By now it must be clear to all that Mr. Michael Ashcroft and Belize are locked in a life and death struggle. He wants Belize to pay his company $100 million dollars in principal and interest accrued over seven years, and Belize has quite rightly refused to do so.

This week his company called on Mr. Eamon Courtenay to approach the Supreme Court of Belize to file a constitutional challenge to the new law unanimously passed by the House and Senate which seeks to protect our Central Bank reserves from hostile take-over.
In a sense, we are glad that he did so!

It goes to show the ostensible fickleness of Mr. Courtenay’s loyalty to his country and to the Oath he took as a Senator to defend the interests of Belize. But in the larger sense, his action goes to show the desperation of the Ashcroft camp which has now come to realize that reliance on his US State judge will not be enough to take him where he wants to go.

When in August 2009 the Government of Belize moved to take over BTL, Mr. Ashcroft launched a court battle insisting that the Government take-over of BTL was illegal and unconstitutional.
The Reporter pointed out then, as we point out today, that the Government of Belize has a sovereign right to defend itself from foreign exploitation and aggression, financially, and militarily, and we predicted that the Caribbean Court of Justice would see the reason for Belize’s self-preservation moves.

Today again we predict that the Caribbean Court of Justice will not try to restrict the Government of Belize from protecting itself against exploitation of a most cynical nature which has emerged from the secret Accommodation Agreement.

The CCJ has ruled in a final judgement that this secret agreement which was implemented without the knowledge and approval of the National Assembly, was unconstitutional and cannot be used to hold Belize to ransom with its harsh and rapacious conditions.
The secret Accommodation Agreement was conceived in iniquity and birthed in rapaciousness. The CCJ has said in effect that the Ashcroft people may not use this illegal instrument to make profit for themselves at the expense of the people of Belize.

That is why we are confident that this latest round of litigation will fail to move the CCJ from its firm stand that the litigant company cannot profit from an illegal act.
Bankruptcy laws in the United States and in Belize provide protection for an enterprise or business which has fallen on hard times; that they have a way to defend themselves from predators and vultures ready to pounce at the slightest sign of weakness.

The economy of Belize is today in a weakened state. Man-made disasters such as Mr. Musa and Mr. Ashcroft, natural disasters such as Hurricane Earl and a little understood phenomenon known as Global Warming have combined to deliver some serious body blows to Belize. But Belize’s economy is far from collapse and her people are resilient and strong. By the grace of God, we shall overcome!

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