The Audit Report prepared by the Belize Audit Department under Ms.Dorothy Bradley is the most painstaking, most meticulous, most complete audit we have seen in many years.
It is a monumental work, compiled by professionals and it puts the spotlight where it belongs – on various ministers without fear or favour.

The authority and status of the Auditor General is protected by the Constitution of Belize. Her appointment as Auditor General under Article 125 of Chapter 10, makes it clear that “no person or authority power” can require her to retire from the Public Service.
The Auditor General is required to observe strict rules of propriety, but he/she is insulated from administrative and political pressure.

The Auditor General needs this independence if he/she is to do the work assigned – the work of supervising government spending , that is, and to report on the work of the various government departments and Heads of Department.

In the case of the present Auditor General, she has asked repeatedly, publicly and privately, for more trained staff to allow the department to carry on its work of audit more efficiently. She has had to struggle with an over-extended staff, and yet she has produced this work which cannot be faulted except to say that she did not give the various Ministries and Department Heads an opportunity to comment on her findings.
Why should she? Why should she want to work with Department Heads when these same Department Heads have road-blocked her every effort to get at the facts?
We believe that she has done the right thing. Publish her findings without fear or favour, and let the chips fall where they may!

We support what the Auditor General has done and appreciate the contribution she has made to expose and condemn corruption in high places. The country owes her a debt of gratitude for persevering under difficult and sometimes threatening circumstances.
Let us not forget that this country will need such a conscientious Auditor General if and when the government changes hands and the People’s United Party takes over.

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