After years of planning and hard work the Santander Group, owners of the new sugar mill in Cayo, achieved success by exporting its first shipment of Belizean sugar – 6,250 tons of it, to Europe.

The shipment is expected to arrive at the Port of Santander, named after the patriarch of the Santander Group in Madrid, sometime by mid-August. Santander in Belize decided to invest in the Port of Big Creek, establishing its sugar warehouse at the port and trucking the sugar from plant to warehouse, where it is loaded in container bins. The bins are then hoisted aboardship by on-shore cranes.

The company has been working for months with the Port of Big Creek to make sure that its shipments go smoothly. The Port in Big Creek handles all of Belize’s petroleum exports, all of her production in citrus, banana and shrimp and a good proportion of her grain exports. Bulk sugar is her newest achievement after her success with bulk petroleum. The Port of Big Creek has become Belize’s leading industrial port, and its owner-directors have every reason to be proud of what they have accomplished.
The port is located a mile and a half inland through Big Creek which has been widened to a width of 220 feet and dredged to a uniform depth of 24 feet. There is a large turning basin which allows the ships laden with Belizean exports to leave the port under their own steam.

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Hurricane Earl is no more! It broke up over the mountains of Mexico after beating up Belize with winds cresting at 74 miles an hour. The storm also dumped some 7 inches of rain on middle Belize between the city and Orange Walk.
The hurricane made landfall just north of Belize City around 11:00 Wednesday night after crossing the Atlantic. It has caused a lot of structural damage in Belize City due to wind and tidal surge, but the greater damage has come from flooding. The National Emergency organization, NEMO, has warned that more than thirty villages are facing flood threats.

These include riverside communities like Arenal, Succotz, La Clarissa, Siete Millas, Barton Creek, Paslow Falls, Bullet Tree Falls, Santa Familia, Branch Mouth, Roaring Creek, More Tomorrow, and villages within the Belize River Valley: Crooked Tree, St. Paul’s Bank, Willows Bank, Rancho Dolores, Double Head Cabbage, Bermudian Landing, Isabella Bank, Flowers Bank, May Pen, Scotland Half Moon, parts of Burrel Boom, Lord’s Bank, Bomba, and Maskall among others.
So far no lives have been reported lost, but flood conditions in the interior can change that.

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