Youth shot and killed near home

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

Malik Dixon, 20, had just finished talking to his mother, Melanie Staine on his cell phone and told her he was riding home, when another youth rode up to him and shot him multiple times. The incident happened on Flambouyant Street where he lived.

Staine said she had just called him to inquire where he was and told him to text her when he reached.
She never got that text, however, because as soon as the call ended, Dixon met his death. When Staine redialled his number a couple minutes later, she only got his voicemail. When she called again, a nurse at the Accident and Emergency Ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital answered the call and told her that her son had been shot and that she needed to go to the hospital. When she got there, it was too late.

Police say Dixon was a member of the Ghost Town gang and that his killer is a member of the PIV Crips. His lifestyle was one that his family had tried to steer him away from because they felt that one day it would catch up with him.
Investigators are now seeking their suspect, but would not give more details of who he is or what triggered the shooting.

The killing punctuates a series of social/family day events that Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams started a few weeks ago as a means of intervention to discourage this type of incident.

Williams told reporters that the murder does not signal a failure of those efforts because the group to which Dixon belonged has pledged to not seek revenge. Williams added that while police are trying to return a level of civility among gang members, those who refuse to live within the ambit of the law will be dealt with accordingly.

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