Yasser Safa a wanted man

Yasser Safa, brother of suspected terrorist abettor Samir Safa, is wanted in both Mexico and Belize.

Safa is wanted in Mexico in connection with an immigration investigation, and he is wanted in Belize to be questioned for his involvement with the alleged terrorist operative Rafic Mohammad Labboun Allaboun, who is said to be a member of the radical Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah.

Safa is being sought to confirm the legality of his presence in Mexico. When Samir was arrested earlier in September, Mexican authorities discovered that he had two sets of documentation: one purporting that he was in Mexico as a tourist, the other that he was there as an immigrant. 

The all points bulletin (APB) was put out for Yasser, so that his documentation could be reviewed by the Mexican authorities.

According to the   National Security ministry’s Public Relations Officer Delroy Cuthkelvin, both Safa brothers, who are naturalized Belizeans, face possible deportation back to Belize.

Belizean authorities are eagerly awaiting their arrival, as they are wanted for questioning in relation to how Rafic was able to acquire his Belizean documentation and how he assumed the identity of Wilhelm Dyck.

Police investigations continue into the Rafic case and, according to Cuthkelvin, if Yasser Safa is found to have illegitimate documentation, a short judicial process for deportation will ensue before they are deported to Belize.

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